Abusive change of Bus Shelters at Five Ways Calthorpe Rd

Abusive change of Bus Shelters at Five Ways Calthorpe Rd
This needs to be read with reference to the email I sent about this change of these bus shelters.
These problems are here presented in reverse order of worseness. 

Problem 1 - Complete obstruction of view.
For people waiting at bus stops it is important that they can see (not just at the last moment) whether a bus is coming or not.   It is even more important at these stops because the 23 and 24 (as currently numbered) are at separate stops and yet a high proportion (anyone going to Harborne) would prefer to get on whichever comes next.  Also they would often prefer to know how far behind one of the same or other number is.  

Before TfWM's abusive vandalism to the shelters, it was easy to see all the way to Broad Street, before the buses had got through TWO traffic jams at the roundabout (hence some minutes foresight).  Now with this trash "improvement", you cannot see until the buses are already there and you are too late to react.

You can see the obstruction in the following pictures, showing the non-view from 24 stop obstructed by the no.1 pseudo-shelter, and the non-view from 23 stop obstructed by the 24 pseudo-shelter. The fact that there is often a no.1 bus resting there doesn't help, though the view beyond the stops gets no better when it is absent. 

 Problem 2 - Obstruction of the pavement.  You can see this in the picture above.  People trying to run (or walk for that matter) to get the 23/24 (or just along the road) will find their efforts blocked by the even less space to fit the crowd of people who often are present by the no.1 and 24 stops.  I'm sure they'll be really grateful to the so-called "Customer Relations Executive" Rosie Lythgoe-Cheetham (who does sound like someone too posh to bother with the company of bus-slumming types). They will of course try to run round the other side (in the road instead) and get killed though "Customer Relations Executive" Rosie Lythgoe-Cheetham is clearly in far too superior a class to be blamed for any of that.

Problem 3 - More a DIS-shelter than a shelter.
The original shelters actually provided shelter from the road, from the noise, dirt, deadly danger, and toxic fumes.  The new "shelters" give no such shelter and instead actually concentrate these negatives.  The original shelters could also help to prevent a bus-using-subhuman child from running into the road, whereas the new design provides no such restraint.  
This is partly evident in the photos above and clearer in the ones below, Firstly of the unchanged 23 shelter, and below it the new dis-shelters.

Additionally, this scruffy panel in the new 24 "shelter":


  1. Here below is the disgraceful non-response from "Customer Relations Executive" Rosie Lythgoe-Cheetham to these important concerns I expressed. She is clearly utter unfit to hold this office and needs to be replaced by someone at least vaguely decent and competent without delay.

    Dear Mr Clarke,

    Further to your contact with Cllr Kath Hartley regarding bus shelter design received on 18 January 2019, Cllr Hartley has asked Transport for west Midlands (TfWM) to respond directly to you.

    I was sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with the recent changes made to shelters on Calthorpe Road at Fiveways.

    Newly installed shelters in this area are a part of our wider regeneration plan and have a new design. We are keen to continue to provide our customers with clean and well maintained waiting environments, despite budget cuts and increases in maintenance costs. As a result, the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) is continuously looking at ways of generating or protecting funding from non-public sector sources. One very important stream of revenue comes from the advertising on around 5,000 bus shelters.

    Advertising companies have advised us that in this increasingly digitised market place, it is still possible to protect and even increase our advertising revenue by modifying the shelters in high traffic areas so that the adverts are more prominent. This involves removing the front panels from a number of shelters and upgrading them to provide digital advertisements. These provide the maximum viewing potential, therefore we receive a higher premium. The bus shelters being replaced are older models which had reached the end of their life span.

    Money raised from the advertisement contract not only enables us to maintain, clean shelters and invest in new bus shelter infrastructure, it also provides us with enough revenue to finance the Safer Travel Partnership - a police team dedicated to tackling and deterring crime on the Region's transport network.

    I hope that this explains the reasons for the changes to certain shelters.

    Transport for West Midlands appreciates your feedback as this will enable us to improve our services where possible.

    Kind regards,
    Rosie Lythgoe-Cheetham
    Customer Relations Executive

  2. I'm surprised that someone with as little intelligence as this, has actually managed to string together a blog so comprehensive.

    I can quite clearly see buses in both of your photos (the large, square vehicles with glass fronts). You can hide a lot of detail with a cleverly (barely) angled photograph.

    No adverts, worse or no bus shelters. Simple. As far as I am aware the vast majority of bus stops don't have shelters at all. Maybe 2019 is turning us all a bit soft.

    Please go further into detail as how you ascertained the travel habits and social standing of an individual from a single formal e-mail? Additionally: 'sub-using-human child'. Insult the people off the buses. Insult the people on the buses. Rally the public for your cause. Nice.

    At the end of the day if it upsets you, climb down from your keyboard, log out your blog, get a job and buy a car. Leave the buses to the rest of us.

    1. "I can quite clearly see buses in both of your photos (the large, square vehicles with glass fronts)."

      Sure, but you clearly are unable to understand the clear English those photos are relating to. The fact that you can see the No 1 bus standing at the No 1 stop from the No 23/24 stops is irrelevant. And your further comments go no further to suggest a sufficient level of critical thinking ability.

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